Garden gifts for your Valentine…

Stuck for what to get your loved one on St Valentine’s Day? We have come up with some top suggestions for your gardening lover!

It doesn’t take much time and imagination to come up with a real romantic gesture, and you want one which will last more than a few days.

Potted plants:

These are so much more suggestive of permanent affection than a bunch of flowers, and on a purely pragmatic level, they give much better value for money.

For the future: 

How about something which can be planted out in the garden in a few weeks’ time?

If it has to be red roses – and they are, after all, the classic “I love you” flower – you can’t get better than an entire bush of them that promises years of pleasure and passion ahead.

Something greener: 

A small tree or bush, prettily wrapped and with a card explaining the symbolism, would make a great gift for male and female Valentines alike.


Designed to stand on a patio, gravel or the soil and can be moved around the garden a Growhouse is the perfect place to watch seeds come to life ready to plant and bloom.

Make a homemade seed card:

Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade card. Make yours extra special by making a handmade seed paper valentine. We think that green thumbs will get an extra kick out of receiving this gift (and they’ll be excited to plant it too!).

A nice cuppa: 

Nothing sustains the weary gardener quite like a warming cup of tea. This Valentine’s Day why not surprise your lover with some organic or fruit teas.

Bird box: 

Ideal for the keen gardener, the keen bird watcher, or simply someone who loves to look at their outdoor space why not invest in a bird box, the birds will love it too!

And just for anyone who is trying to pick the right flowers for this very special occasion why not use our list of flower meanings below…

The language of flowers

Anemone I expect you
Arum lily Burning love
Bluebell Our love will last
Camellia I am longing for you
Carnation (white) Always remembering
Carnation (red) I carry a torch for you
Carnation (striped) Wish I were with you
Carnation (yellow) You have disappointed me
Daffodil The sun always shines when I am with you
Dahlia You are indifferent
Foxglove I cannot trust you
Heather Good luck
Honeysuckle Devotion
Hyacinth Please forgive me
Lily of the valley You are sweet and pure
Love-in-a-mist Do you love me?
Magnolia Have courage
Marguerite I live in hope
Narcissus You are selfish
Orchid You have cast a spell over me
Passion flower Trust
Peony Bashfulness
Pinks You are bold
Poppy Please wait
Primrose I might love you
Rose (red) I love you
Rose (pink) Please believe me
Rose (white) You are divine
Rose (yellow) Come back soon
Stock Lasting beauty
Sweet pea Gratitude
Viola Let’s take a chance on happiness
Wallflower Constancy

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