How to make a Christmas Wreath from your garden…
One way to get into the festive spirit is to make your own Christmas wreath straight from the garden. It’s a great project for kids big and small.
You can use any evergreen foliage as your base, together with coloured and berry-bearing stems, pine cones and seasonal fruits. Leave your wreath au naturel, or accessorize with a pretty bow, ribbon or other festive finishings.

How to make:

Raid your garden to make a bespoke wreath unique to your home; think sprigs of blue spruce, conifer, holly, ivy, red dogwood stems, and berry-laden cotoneaster. To make the wreath you’ll also need a wire wreath frame, some florists’ or paddle wire, and some pruners.

Prepare by cutting the materials to size. The bundles of greenery will need to be in proportion to the frame. Separate the prepared materials into piles so you’re ready to begin work.

Create your first bundle but keep the largest pieces at the base. Then secure it to the frame, wrap the wire around a couple of times. Now make another bundles and repeat the step. Continue until the whole frame is covered. Flip the wreath over, cut the wire, and tuck and secure it back into the frame.

An voila you will have yourself your very own hand made wreath.

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