Arts and Crafts - Reydon

This garden sits into a heavily tapered site. Steep banks on either side of the lawn and a thick canopy from the mature Pine & Beech trees made the site a challenging one.

Frederic Whyte designed a garden that disguises the tapering nature of the site and squares off a formal lawn. Heavily planted embankments on either side soften the gradient and shape of the garden along the boundaries.

Clay pavers and limestone are the main hard landscaping materials and form a series of steps and terraces through which the garden can be navigated and enjoyed.

Water is used heavily in this garden with a large Lilly Pond in the centre of the main terrace, a smaller fishpond in the courtyard and a water basin with bespoke copper fountain at the lawn level. The combination of these features creates a relaxing feeling, and the fountains help to mitigate the traffic noise from the roads either side of the property.

We feel the garden works in perfect harmony with the Arts & Crafts property it envelops and really maximises a difficult site. An updated Arts & Crafts garden.

Designed by Frederic Whyte
Pavers by Vande Moortel
Limestone by London Stone
Continuous willow fencing by Brampton Willows
Irrigation system by Panks
Photography by by Juliette Wade

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